The League of Extraordinary Companions

The League is an 8-page jam comic scripted by Craig Land and illustrated by several artists including yours truly. It was published in issue 250/251 of Data Extract, the venerable magazine of the Doctor Who Club of Australia.

The project was first floated way back in 2019. Some of the artists were interviewed for Data Extract issue 244 in Spring 2019 — but with the actual strip seeing print nearly three years later, the interview must have been mystifying for readers.

The hook for this story was that you get to see various Doctor Who companions interacting, so I went with a realistic style with strict likenesses. The initial panel layouts were created by using 3D modelling software to place “actors” into scenes, then laying photo-reference faces over the top. It was a mixed success; some of the panels are a bit cringeworthy. Here’s some behind the scenes art for a few panels. Click the pics to see larger versions.

Line drawing of Dr Who companion Ben Jackson, holding an urn, before erasure of pencil lines
Inks for page 4 panel 5
Pencil sketch of Dr Who companion Ben Jackson, closeup, smiling
Pencil art for page 5 panel 4