Thrilled to be involved with HAH?!, a new Australian comedy magazine.

According to this press release it’s “…32 pages of full colour graphical wit from Scarlette Baccini, Samantha Boyd, Greg Gates, Owen Heitmann, Ben Hutchings, Stanton Marriott, Bruce Mutard, Dillon Naylor and Jason Towers.” That last bit is confirmed, I wrote some pages. And I also lettered and coloured some pages, since episode 1 of Preston Peace gets reprinted therein.

It’s made of actual paper and ink, not screen pixels. There’s a Facebook though: facebook.com/HAHcomic

HAH?! issue 1 is available from the (currently) respectable online retailer Ownaindi, ownaindi.com/shop/comics/hah.

Issue 2 is due later in 2019.