Old Sixie versus the Bridge of Doom

Cartoon of Colin Baker as Dr Who, with shocked expression

Old Sixie is a whimsical four-page comic partly serialised in Data Extract 247 and 248, and printed in full in the double issue 250/251. The script is by Darran Jordan, with art and lettering by me. It’s based on a true story related by the actor Colin Baker in his column for the newspaper Bucks Free Press, but shamelessly embellished by Professor Jordan. Darran generously allowed me a free hand in drawing it. The first page is here, along with a panel or two from later in the story. Click the pics to open larger versions.

Single page from a comic telling story of actor Colin Baker unexpectedly climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge
Cartoon panel showing sixth Doctor Who exhausted during climb of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Page 3 panel 2, uncropped

Here’s the pencil art for page 2 panel 5 of Old Sixie before inking. My default style is pencil art with watercolour hues, but that wouldn’t have been appropriate for this type of story, so inks it was. The pencils have an analogue character that’s missing from the published version.

Pencilled panel from comic story showing people in cartoony style
Page 2 panel 5, pencil art

Cutting Room Floor

My panels are drawn separately and composited in Adobe InDesign. The very last panel of Old Sixie was cropped after drawing, because when it was placed on the page, I could see that the background detail of the other bridge climber was just a distraction. The elderly gent ended up on the cutting room floor. So if there’s some award for the lamest bonus material ever, please consider voting for this:

Single panel of comic showing elderly cartoon character cropped from published version